General English

General Science

  • noun a task, set of tasks or work to be processed as a single unit


  • noun an order being worked on



  • Term commonly used to indicate the location of a construction project.
  • An entire construction project or any component of a construction project.


  • noun a position providing regular paid work


  • A unit of computer work consisting of multiple steps. A job, for instance, may encompass the use of various programs for several processes, which as a whole are treated as a unit.

Information & Library Science

  • noun work that is done to earn money


  • noun a crime. This widespread term occurs in expressions such as ‘pull a job’ and in specific forms such as ‘bank-job’, ‘safe-job’, etc. The word was first used in this sense in the 17th century, usually in the context of theft.
  • noun a person, thing or action. An all-purpose term for a contraption, specimen or piece of handiwork.


  • noun a task, a particular piece of work that has to be done

Origin & History of “job”

The origins of job are uncertain. Its likeliest source is an earlier and now obsolete noun job which meant ‘piece’. It is quite plausible that job of work, literally ‘piece of work’, could have become shortened to job. But where this earlier job came from is not known, so the mystery remains open.