General English


  • adjective carried out or produced together with others
  • adjective one of two or more people who work together or who are linked


  • noun a piece of meat ready for cooking, usually containing a bone


  • adjective combined, with two or more things linked together or shared by two or more people
  • noun the place at which two or more things are joined together

Cars & Driving

  • noun the interface at which two or more mechanical or structural components are united


  • The point, area, position, or condition at which two or more things are jointed.
  • The space, however small, where two surfaces meet.
  • The mortar-filled space between adjacent masonry units.
  • The place where separate but adjacent timbers are connected, as by nails or screws, or by mortises and tenons, glue, etc.


  • A connection between two elements, objects, or materials. Also, the location at which such a connection occurs. For instance, the connection point of two conductive paths.
  • In robotics, a point, such as that within an arm, where sections are linked and a given degree of freedom exists.


  • A large thick portion of animal flesh often including some bone. Names of the same joint vary considerably from place to place even within one country.

Information & Library Science

  • noun either of the creases between the spine and the front and back covers of a book, especially a hardback


  • noun a structure at a point where two or more bones join, especially one which allows movement of the bones


  • adjective with two or more services working together, sharing a common purpose

Real Estate

  • adjective owned in common by two or more people or concerns


  • noun a marihuana cigarette or a cigarette containing a mix of hashish and tobacco. Joint supplanted reefer as the universal term for a cannabis cigarette in the early 1960s. The precise dating and etymology of the word are obscure.
  • noun prison. A specialisation of the colloquial sense of ‘joint’ as a place, building or premises.
  • noun the penis. A metaphor based on images of meat and (an imaginary) bone.
  • noun any object or person


  • noun a part of the body where two bones meet


  • noun a piece of meat, especially one suitable for roasting
  • noun a low-class club or restaurant