General English

General Science

  • noun a scientific publication


  • noun a book with the account of sales and purchases made each day

Cars & Driving

  • noun the part of a shaft which is supported by a bearing


  • noun a record of all communications to and from a terminal
  • noun a list of any changes or updates to a file


  • That section of a shaft or axle that rotates within a load-supporting bearing.


  • A record of computer and/or network activity. Used, for example, to find the origin of problems, monitor usage, recover data, or to identify unauthorized access. Also called electronic journal, electronic log, or log (3).

Media Studies

  • noun a magazine or periodical that deals with an area of special interest or is produced by a professional body for its members, containing articles and papers relevant to their area of activity


  • noun a diary or record of something which happens each day
  • noun an official record of the proceedings of a legislature such as the House of Commons, house of Lords, House of Representatives or Senate