General English


  • noun a device that allows a user to move a cursor around the screen by moving an upright rod connected to an I/O port on the computer


  • A pointing device consisting of a base with an attached lever which moves in any direction. As the joystick is moved, so does a given object on a screen, and such motion continues in a given direction until the lever is returned to its upright position. A joystick usually has one or more buttons, which provide additional functions. Used, for instance, in video games, or in CAD applications.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a hand-held control lever attached to a computer which can be used to play computer games

Media Studies

  • noun a hand-held game controller usually consisting of an upright stick which pivots on its base to control directions and additional buttons to control other actions


  • noun a stick used to steer an aircraft


  • noun the penis. A pun on the name of the steering control column of aeroplanes, although some authorities claim that the slang euphemism for the male member actually preceded the aeronautical usage (which may in fact derive ultimately from ‘joist’).
  • noun a cannabis cigarette, a joint. A fairly rare euphemism.