• noun
    (written as JPEG)
    a standard that defines a way of storing graphic images in a compressed format in a file on disk.
  • noun
    (written as JPEG++)
    an extension to JPEG that allows parts of an image to be compressed in different ways


  • (written as JPEG)
    An image compression standard which provides for lossy compression of color and grayscale images. compression ratios of 20:1, for instance, provide little noticeable loss, and if greater losses are acceptable, ratios of greater than 100:1 can be obtained.

Information & Library Science

  • noun
    (written as JPEG)
    a data file for pictures and photographs on the Internet.
  • suffix a file extension for a JPEG file.


  • noun
    (written as JPEG)
    a file format used to compress and store photographic images for transfer over the Internet

Media Studies

  • noun a computer format for images, that compresses data with some loss of quality in the image