General English

  • adjective very large


  • A mobile support for concrete forms.
  • An assortment of tunnel-drilling devices mounted on a carriage.


  • adjective Larger than normal or expected, e.g. jumbo oats, jumbo burger


  • noun a fool, a slow, large and/or dimwitted person. A mainly working-class term, used for instance by the CID to refer to uniformed police officers. (Jumbo as applied to elephants derives from the African word jamba, anglicised as a name for P. T. Barnum’s famous animal exhibit.) In this case the image of a slow, ponderous person is probably also influenced by dumbo.
  • noun the backside, buttocks
  • noun crack. This is one of many probably ephemeral nicknames used on the American streets for this powerful drug. Jumbo in this sense was recorded in 1986.