• A sophisticated comedy by Tom Stoppard. It openedin 1972 with highly praised performances by Michael Hordern as GeorgeMoore, a Professor of Moral Philosophy, and Diana Rigg as his youngex-actress wife. Stoppard's satire on current fashions in academicphilosophy has many revealing insights; it was called a "starkraving sane play" by the critic John Barber.

    In the play Moore and his wife Dorothy are hosting a partyduring which Moore's colleague, Archie, apparently murders a rivalfor Dorothy's favours. Inspector Bones arrives to investigate and,taken by Dorothy's charms, dismisses the body's presence in her bedroomas an irrelevant detail. Archie continues to pursue Dorothy and directsa team of bouncing acrobats (jumpers) as George performs equally uselessmental gymnastics, polishing his lecture on morals.