Just Between Ourselves



  • A bleak comedy by Alan Ayckbourn, first presentedin 1976 at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round, Scarborough.

    The story takes place on the birthdays of the four main characters.On Pam's birthday, she and her husband Neil visit Dennis and Verato look at Vera's car, which they are thinking of buying. Dennis,rearranging the mess in his garage, is reminded by his live-in mother,Marjorie, how much better his father was at DIY. Dennis ignores bothher and his long-suffering wife, who yearns to be rescued from herdominating mother-in-law. On Dennis's birthday, Marjorie berates Verafor not making him his favourite cake. On Marjorie's birthday, Verafinally allows her fury free rein; by her own birthday, however, sheis cowed and uncommunicative, huddled outside in the garden, whileMarjorie happily rules the house and her son.