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  • (written as Justice)
    This, along with the principles of autonomy, beneficence and nonmaleficence, comprises the so-called 'four principles' of health care ethics. There is no generally agreed notion of justice in health care ethics or health care policy, though most analysts seem to agree that it has something to do with ' fairness '. Distributive justice is often equated (by economists) to ' equity '.


  • noun the title given to a High Court judge
  • symbolJ
    (written as Justice)


  • noun the legal process of dealing with someone accused of a crime in court


  • (written as Justice)
    The best-known play by John Galsworthy, first performed in1910 at the Savoy Theatre, London.

    In the 1916 New York production John Barrymore (see Barrymores, the) established his name as a serious actor playing the leading role of the downtrodden clerk Falder. The New York Times stated that Barrymore "gained overnight a prestige which is priceless in the theater,a prestige all his work in trivial entertainment would not give him". When she saw his performance the US actress and playwright Jane Cowl wasso overcome that she fainted. Weeks later Barrymore was informed thatshe was again in the audience: "Is she?" he respondeddrily. "I do hope she'll give a good performance."

    The plot concerns a junior clerk, William Falder, who, althoughusually honest, forges a cheque to assist Ruth Honeywill, a womanbrutalized by her husband. His crime is discovered and he receivesthe maximum prison sentence; placed in solitary confinement, he hasa mental breakdown. When he is released two years later, he appliesto his old firm to be taken back. Told that he must first give upRuth, who is now living with him, Falder refuses and later forgesa reference for another job. When questioned by the police, Faldercommits suicide rather than face prison again.

    The wordless scene depicting Falder in solitary confinement is said to have helped reform the law relating to that form of punishment.

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