General English

General Science

  • noun an important or informative word in a title or document that describes its contents
  • noun a word that is relevant or important to a text


  • noun a word used by a search engine to help it locate a particular type of website


  • noun a command word used in a programming language to provide a function


  • In building automation systems, an abbreviation used by system operators to communicate instructions in recognizable commands via a computer.


  • A word which is specified by a user, to help narrow down a search within records, documents, or files. The more significant the word or words selected, the likelier the search will be useful.
  • In a record, document, or file, a word which is used for indexing, or for otherwise facilitating retrieval of the desired information.
  • A word, such as a command, which has a special meaning in a program, programming language, or other setting, and whose use is restricted or not allowed. Also called reserved word.

Media Studies

  • noun a term which is placed in the metadata of a webpage to attract search engines