• noun a small wooden shelter, for selling goods out of doors



  • A small, freestanding structure either open or partially enclosed, where merchandise is displayed, advertised, or sold.


  • An unattended free-standing structure incorporating a keyboard and/or touch screen which serves as an interface for those who wish to obtain information, services, and to a limited extent, goods. Examples include ATMs, interactive displays in lobbies of office buildings which enable visitors to find a desired location by navigating through multiple screens, and booths outside movie theaters which dispense tickets which are prepaid, or purchased at that moment.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a small, often wooden building, used for selling things

Media Studies

  • noun a small permanent or temporary structure in the street that sells items such as newspapers, travel and entertainment tickets and sweets
  • noun the site of a phone or Internet access point that is used by the public