General English


  • verb to write cheques on one account which may not be able to honour them and deposit them in another, withdrawing money from the second account before the cheques are cleared
  • verb to use stolen credit cards or cheque books


  • verb to write cheques on one account and deposit them in a second account on the last day of the accounting period, thus showing the amount twice in the company’s books, since the sum will not yet have been debited from the first account
  • verb to write a cheque for an amount which is higher than the total amount of money in the account, then deposit enough to cover the cheque


  • A sheet of kraft paper applied to a sheet of coated roofing during manufacturing to measure the weight of the granules applied to the surface of the roofing.


  • verb to pass a worthless cheque


  • noun a large, often crescent-shaped, device, consisting of fabric stretched over a light frame, used by participants in kiteboarding or kitesurfing to give propulsion and lift