General English


  • A prestamped, usually circular section in an electrical junction box, panel box, etc., that can be easily removed to provide access for a fitting or raceway cable.


  • A perforated portion of a wall, box, or enclosure which can be pushed-out, or otherwise removed. Used, for instance, to provide an opening for a wire or cable during an installation.


  • noun a section of a coloured area which is not printed because something else will be printed on top


  • adjective wonderful, impressive, first-rate. Originally an Americanism, deriving from the noun form meaning something stunning, the word was introduced to Britain and Australia in the hippy era and by the mid-1970s sounded somewhat dated. It was often used in the form of an exclamation of (over)enthusiasm.


  • noun a punch that knocks an opponent down for a count of ten and so wins a contest
  • noun a sports competition in which a person or team beaten in one game or match is eliminated from the entire competition

Sports Medicine

  • acronymKO