Konstantin Stanislavsky



  • (Konstantin Alekstzev; 1863 - 1938) Russian director whosought "inner realism" by insisting that his actors findthe truth within themselves and "become" the charactersthey portrayed. His painstaking approach meant that he would sometimesrehearse a cast for a year before feeling satisfied that they understoodtheir roles. His work brought international fame to the MoscowArt Theatre, which he had cofounded with Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenkoin 1897.

    The son of a wealthy industrialist, Stanislavsky began asan amateur actor before founding a popular theatrical company, theSociety of Art and Literature, in 1888. During his early years atthe Moscow Art Theatre he directed the first productions of Chekhov'sUncle Vanya (1899), Three Sisters (1901) and TheCherry Orchard (1904) as well as a series of celebrated versionsof Shakespeare. Stanislavsky toured America with the company in 1923.

    After World War II the US edition of Stanislavsky's treatiseAn Actor Prepares (1926) became the bible of the Methodschool of acting.