• Braising of meat or vegetables with some or all of water, stock, yoghurt or cream. Styles vary, with some cooked to a thick sauce, some to almost dry and others to a flaky crust. Only the best young meat is used. The early parts of the braising process often involve dry cooking, i.e. using a heavy pan over a fierce heat, searing the meat, then adding cooking liquor gradually so as to maintain dry but not burnt conditions.
  • The basic Afghan stew of cubed meat browned in oil with onion and garlic, then simmered with pulses and/or vegetables plus flavourings, typically chillies, pepper, cumin and coriander. The standard korma has yellow split peas. The name after korma indicates the vegetable used, e.g. korma shulgun ‘turnip korma’.


  • noun in South Asian cooking, a mildly spiced dish of meat, seafood or vegetables cooked in a cream or yoghurt sauce