Krapp's Last Tape



  • (La Dernière Bande) Samuel Beckett'sone-act play, first performed in 1958 at London's Royal Court Theatre.Alone on the stage, the old man Krapp, now nearly blind and deaf,listens to diary tapes he recorded some 30 years earlier. One tape,to which he keeps returning, was made in the wake of a failed love affair;another which he rejects contemptuously, records the high-flown literaryaspirations of his youth. Krapp makes a new recording - by implicationhis last - commenting bitterly on his disappointments as a lover and awriter.

    Several performances of this demanding role stand out: one bythe German actor Martin Held in Beckett's own production at the BerlinSchillertheater in 1969, another by Albert Finney at the Royal Court Theatrein 1973, and a third by Harold Pinter, again at the Royal Court, in 2006.