General English


  • noun
    (written as LAD)
    a detachment of vehicle mechanics from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), which is attached to an infantry battalion or armoured regiment on a permanent basis.
  • acronym forlight aid detachment
    (written as LAD)

Media Studies

  • acronym forlanguage acquisition device
    (written as LAD)
  • noun the linguistic theory that parts of our brain are specifically hard-wired to receive and construct languages, a skill which is particularly sharp before the age of 5.

Origin & History of “lad”

Lad originally meant ‘male of low status or social rank’, and hence ‘male servant’, but by the 14th century its progression to the present-day ‘young male’ was well under way. It is not known where it came from, but there seems to be a strong likelihood of a Scandinavian origin (Norwegian has -ladd in compounds referring to ‘(male) persons’).