Lady Elizabeth's Men



  • A Jacobean theater company formed in 1611 under the patronageof James I's daughter, Elizabeth. The company appeared at court in1612 and the following year absorbed the Revels Company. With NathanField as their leading player they appeared at Philip Henslowe'sHope Theatre in 1614 - 15, giving the first performance of BenJonson's Bartholomew Fair. After Henslowe's death in 1616,the company disbanded, some members joining Prince Charles's Menand others dispersing into the provinces.

    In 1622 Christopher Beeston created a new companycalled Lady Elizabeth's Men to perform at his Phoenix Theatre (seeCockpit Theatre). They presented works by such dramatistsas Thomas Middleton, Philip Massinger, William Rowley, and John Heywood.The company disbanded during the plague of 1625.