• noun
    (written as LAN)
    a network where the various terminals and equipment are all within a short distance of one another, e.g. in the same building, and can be interconnected by cables.


  • (written as LAN)
    Acronym for local-area network. A computer network which is limited to a small geographical area, usually ranging from a single room through a cluster of office buildings. A LAN consists of a group of nodes, each comprised by a computer or peripheral, which exchange information with each other. In addition to sharing data resources, users can communicate with each other, usually through emails or chats, and share peripherals such as printers. LAN connections may be physical, as with cables, or wireless, as with microwaves or infrared waves. There are various LAN access methods, including Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and token ring. common topologies include bus, ring, and star.


  • noun great enthusiasm and drive