General English


  • noun a system of words or symbols which allows communication with computers, especially one that allows computer instructions to be entered as words which are easy to understand, and then translates them into machine code


  • A defined set of characters, symbols, and rules utilized together for communication with a computer, or between computers. The term also applies to communications between computers and peripherals, or between peripherals. There are various examples, including assembly languages, machine languages, command languages, and programming languages. Also called computer language.
  • Any system, along with its rules, utilized for communication.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a system of sounds, signs or symbols used for communication


  • noun the words spoken or written by people in a particular country

Origin & History of “language”

like English tongue, Latin lingua ‘tongue’ was used figuratively for ‘language’; from it English gets linguist (16th c.) and linguistic (19th c.). In the vulgar Latin spoken by the inhabitants of Gaul, the derivative *linguāticum emerged, and this became in due course Old French langage, source of English language. (The u in the English word, which goes back to the end of the 13th century, is due to association with French langue ‘tongue’.).