laser printer


General English


  • noun a high-resolution computer printer that uses a laser source to print high-quality dot matrix character patterns on paper


  • A printer in which a laser beam is utilized to reproduce images. In it, a photoconductive surface, usually a drum, is positively charged with static electricity, then exposed to an optical image of that which is to be reproduced, forming a corresponding electrostatic pattern. A laser beam, along with a rotating mirror and lenses, is utilized to draw the desired image on the drum. A fine powder, called toner, which has been negatively charged is spread over this surface, adhering only to the charged areas of the drum. The toner is then fused to the paper, which has been positively charged, forming the final image. Laser printers are comparatively quiet, reproduce graphics excellently, and can have resolutions exceeding 2,400 dpi. Most copy machines also utilize this technology. Also called laser-beam printer.