Last Summer Suddenly



  • A one-act play by Tennessee Williams, first produced off-Broadway as part of the double bill Garden District(which also included Something Unspoken). A 1959 film versionstarred Katherine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Montgomery Clift.

    Following the death of her son, Sebastian, Mrs Veneble offersto finance the building of a new wing for a mental asylum in his name.She stipulates, however, that this will only happen if the surgeonDr Cukrowicz agrees to perform a lobotomy on her niece Cathy, whohas suffered a breakdown. Cathy was with Sebastian when he died mysteriouslyduring a European holiday. She now has a memory block, which Cukrowicztries to break. Mrs Veneble, fearful of what might emerge, pushesfor the operation but the doctor resists. When Cathy recovers hermemory she reveals that Sebastian, a homosexual, had used her to lureboys to his rooms. Suddenly, last summer, he became ill and the hungrylocal boys pursued, murdered, and cannibalized him. The doctor makesCathy reveal everything to Mrs Veneble, who is understandably ledaway in shock.