General English


  • noun the way in which things are arranged



  • noun rules governing the data input and output from a computer
  • noun a way of using a sheet of paper.


  • A design scheme or plan showing the proposed arrangement of objects and spaces within and outside a structure.


  • The arrangement of components or devices in an object or system. For example, the layout of the components on a printed circuit. Also, a graphical representation of such an arrangement. Also, the process of arranging said components or devices.

Information & Library Science

  • noun the design of a page of printed matter including position on the page of illustrations, text and type sizes


  • noun the arrangement of words and pictures on a printed page, in an advertisement, on an email advertising message, etc., including the headline, illustrations, text, and trademarks

Media Studies

  • noun the way in which the page is designed showing the position of text, graphics and photographs