leading edge


General English


  • noun the front part of the wing which meets the oncoming air first

Cars & Driving

  • noun the forward edge (e.g. of a body panel).


  • noun the first edge of a punched card that enters the card reader


  • The vertical edge of a hinged swinging door or window which is opposite the hinged edge and in proximity to the knob or latch.


  • noun the edge of the bat that is nearer the bowler as the batsman plays a stroke
    Citation ‘Gooch was caught and bowled off a leading edge next morning for 127’ (Berry 1982)
  • verb to deflect the ball off the leading edge of the bat
    Citation ‘Warne was also … as much as a victim of misfortune as McGrath yesterday. Pietersen miscued him into space on the off, Bell leading-edged him to leg’ (Haigh 2005)


  • The portion of a pulse waveform which first increases in amplitude. That is, the rising portion. The portion which first decreases is the trailing edge (1).
  • The initial portion of a pulse or signal. The latter part is called trailing edge (2).


  • noun the edge of a sheet of paper which is held by the grippers and goes through the press first