league table


Health Economics

  • (written as League Table)
    The relative cost-effectiveness of various health care technologies is frequently presented in the form of 'league tables' based upon literature reviews. A common reason for doing this is the maximizing idea that, provided the data reflect the true incremental cost-effectiveness of each technology and the effectiveness measure is appropriate, then the health budget will have its maximum impact by working down the table until the budget is exhausted (and by not funding anything else). Amongst the dangers in using such tables in other than a broadly indicative way are the following: the list is probably incomplete (and omits some cost-effective technologies); the data are not actually marginal (incremental cost-effectiveness ratios) but averages; the perspective on cost and benefit may vary from one technology to another; the literature reviews may have had inappropriate inclusion or exclusion criteria ; the cost-effectiveness ratios may be dependent on the scale of use of each technology; the circumstances of the evidence collection in the reviewed studies may make the transfer of conclusions to other settings and circumstances inappropriate.


  • noun a list of teams or players that ranks them according to performance in a league