learning curve



  • noun a process of learning something that starts slowly and then becomes faster
  • noun a line on a graph which shows the relationship between experience in doing something and competence at carrying it out
  • noun a diagram or graph that represents the way in which people gain knowledge or experience over time
  • noun the decrease in the effort required to produce each single item when the total number of items produced is doubled


  • noun a graphical description of how someone can acquire knowledge about a product over time


  • A term applied to the time required for a new craftsman or crew to attain the productivity level of an experienced craftsman or crew.


  • noun the gradual process of learning new skills. A steep learning curve implies having to learn new skills fast.


  • The time and processes involved in acquiring a new skill, becoming familiar with a given subject, or the like. For example, the time and effort required to learn to utilize a computer application proficiently. Also, a graph representing such progress.