• noun a relatively slow ball that deviates from leg towards off after pitching
    Citation ‘Warne spun the ball more than any bowler I’ve seen. His first delivery of the season, that dream/nightmare leg-break to Gatting (depending on your vantage point) alerted us’ (Vic Marks, Observer 29 August 1993)
    Citation ‘Read advanced down the pitch and cracked a Kaneria leg-break into the stands at long-on’ (Vic Marks, Observer 13 August 2006)
    Compare leg-cutter
  • noun deviation of the ball from leg towards off after pitching, caused by spin imparted by the bowler; leg-spin
    Citation ‘Leg-break is artificial rather than natural, and is much more difficult to produce than off-break’ (Ranjitsinhji 1897)


  • noun a ball with a bounce that spins from the leg side to the off side