General English


  • noun a yellow edible fruit of an evergreen citrus tree (Citrus limon). Lemons have a very tart flavour and are used in flavouring and in making drinks.

Cars & Driving

  • noun a new or used car with many defects


  • noun a product, especially a car, that is defective in some way
  • noun an investment that is performing poorly


  • One of the most important fruits of the Citrus family from a tree, Citrus limon, which grows in Mediterranean climates and is probably a hybrid of Indian lime and pummelo. It originated in the Punjab, was further developed in the Middle East and taken to Spain by the Arabs around 1150 A.D. Although there are many varieties they differ very little more between varieties than a single variety does at different times of the year. The fruit has a tart taste and is shaped like a rugby ball with usually a thick yellow skin. The juice is used extensively for flavouring, for souring and to add bite to sauces. Segments and slices are used as garnishes and for decoration and the zest is an important flavouring ingredient.


  • noun something substandard, useless or worthless. The word is used, particularly in the USA, to apply particularly to cars which are unsaleable. It may also denote any ‘dud’, from an unattractive woman to a badly-performing share in the stock exchange. This negative sense of the name of a fairly popular fruit derives from the unavoidably sour taste.
  • noun the penis. In black American slang the word has been used in this sense which, although no longer common, is immortalized in the lyrics of many blues songs.
  • noun a Quaalude tablet, ’lude (a hypnotic tranquillising drug, the equivalent of the British Mandrax or mandie)


  • noun the yellow edible fruit of an evergreen citrus tree, with sour-tasting flesh and juice