General English


  • verb to harvest root crops such as potatoes by digging them out of the ground. Potatoes can be lifted from the soil and, using a spinner or an elevator digger, left in rows for hand-picking.


  • noun a component of the total aerodynamic force acting on an aerofoil which causes an aeroplane to fly
  • noun an electrically operated machine for moving people or goods between the floors of a building
  • verb to move to a higher position

Cars & Driving

  • noun the amount by which a poppet valve rises when opened
  • noun an aerodynamic force caused by greater pressure above the car than below it and having the effect of loss of traction and stability; (counteracted by a suitable spoiler)


  • The concrete placed between two consecutive horizontal construction joints, usually consisting of several layers or courses, such as in slip forming.
  • A metal handle or projection from the lower sash in a hung window, used as an aid in lifting the sash.
  • The amount of grout, mortar, or concrete placed in a single pour.
  • A British term for elevator.
  • Slang for an amount of material bound together for ease of handling, such as a lift of 2x4s or a lift of cement.


  • noun a capacity for making the ball rise relatively steeply off the pitch
    Citation ‘The wickets were coconut matting on hard clay … But they took all the spin you put on the ball and there was always some lift’ (James 1963)
  • verb (of the ball) to rise from the pitch more steeply than usual, typically from a good length; unlike a ball that ‘kicks’ or ‘steeples’, the lifting ball depends less on irregularities in the pitch and more on the skill of the bowler
    Citation ‘Hardly had Shah begun to play a few strokes than Sandhu made one lift to have him caught behind’ (Tony Pawson, Observer 12 June 1983)
  • verb to hit the ball high in the air, especially when playing a front foot shot
    Citation ‘Nayadu could never convey the certainty that Bradman did and there was one major technical difference. Nayadu … was prepared to lift the ball and did it often and very profitably. Bradman never lifted the ball’ (Bose 1990)


  • The rising of puff pastry when cooked due to the generation of steam which separates the layers of dough as they are cooked. Also used for the rising of any cooked mixtures such as cakes and soufflés.


  • verb to take away or to remove

Media Studies

  • verb to re-use material from your own or another publication, changing very little


  • noun a particular way of carrying an injured or unconscious person
  • noun a cosmetic operation to remove signs of age or to change a body feature


  • noun an act of transporting equipment, men or supplies by air
  • verb to raise an object to a higher position
  • verb to transport equipment, men or supplies by air


  • verb to copy something directly without any acknowledgement
  • verb to remove or end something


  • verb to arrest or capture, in police jargon and a sanitised euphemism of Vietnam-era military parlance
  • verb to steal. Lift has been used euphemistically in this sense since the 16th century.
  • verb to drink (alcohol). A beer-drinkers’ euphemism inspired by the raising of glasses; hoist is an American synonym.


  • noun a machine which takes people or goods from one floor to another in a building
  • verb to go away