(Lilian) Nancy (Bache) Price



  • (1880 - 1970) British actress and theater manager, whoin 1930 founded the People's National Theatre in London.Price joined Frank Benson's company at the age of 19 and made hername three years later as Calypso in Stephen Phillips's Ulysses.The People's National Theatre opened with a revival of Anstey's TheMan from Blankley's at the Fortune Theatre; she subsequently producedmore than 50 plays for the company at the Little Theatre. These includedSusan Glaspell's Alison's House (1932), S. I. Hsiung's LadyPrecious Stream (1934), and Mazo de la Roche's Whiteoaks(1936), in which Price played the part of Adeline Whiteoaks. The LittleTheatre was destroyed in 1941 by wartime bombing.

    Price gave her last performance in Eden Phillpott's TheOrange Orchard at the New Lindsey Theatre in 1950 (the same yearthat she was awarded a CBE). She was married to the actor CharlesRaymond Maude (1882 - 1943), grandson of the singer Jenny Lind.