Little Tich



  • Stage name of the celebrated music hall comedian Harry Ralph(1868 - 1928). As a podgy infant, he was nicknamed 'Tichborne'or 'Tich' in allusion to the corpulent claimant in the Tichborne case,a famous court case involving a false claim to a baronetcy. As heremained only four feet tall, he came to be called 'Little Tich'.He first appeared playing a tin-whistle and became renowned for hisstage pranks and satirical humour. He subsequently appeared in pantomimeat Drury Lane with Dan Leno and Marie Lloyd. His popularity in Parisgained him the Legion of Honour.

    The colloquial terms 'titch' and 'titchy', applied to a smallperson or thing, derive from Little Tich. see also dwarfs.