• noun the act or process of adding a load to an aircraft
  • noun the total aircraft weight or mass divided by wing area
  • noun a force or stress acting on an object
  • noun the act of transferring data from disk to memory

Cars & Driving

  • noun the amount with which something is loaded


  • noun the process of assigning work to workers or machines


  • noun the action of transferring a file or program from disk to memory


  • The alteration of characteristics of an antenna, such as increasing its electrical length, through the utilization of inductive and/or capacitive elements. Also called antenna loading.
  • The alteration of the characteristics of a transmission line through the use of inductive and/or capacitive elements. Utilized, for instance, to match impedances.
  • The alteration of the acoustic characteristics of a speaker through the utilization of materials, baffles, or vents. Also called acoustic loading.
  • The insertion of a disk, cassette, reel, cartridge, drum, or other object composed of, or containing a recordable medium into a device utilized for recording and/or reproduction.
  • The transferring of data to or from a computer storage medium, or the placement of data into a computer register.

Health Economics

  • (written as Loading)
    A term indicating that providing insurance has administrative and other costs 'loaded' on to a premium over and above the actuarially fair premium, which in principle is the expected cost of health care multiplied by the probability of that care being utilized. Because loading is unlikely to be systematically related to the risk of events, one of its consequences is that for-profit free market insurers are unlikely to offer policies for either very likely or very unlikely adverse events, where potential insurance clients' willingness to pay to avoid the consequences of risk is relatively low and the fraction of the premium taken up by loading is consequently higher.


  • noun a substance such as clay or gypsum, added to paper furnish during beating before the papermaking process to make the paper more opaque and more solid.
  • noun the action of adding gypsum or clay to paper stock


  • noun the act of putting goods into a ship, aircraft or vehicle