General English


  • noun a slow underarm ball with a high curving trajectory
    Citation ‘By the time the scoring board registered two hundred, five wickets were down, three of them victims to the lobs’ (P.G. Wodehouse, Mike: The MCC Match, 1909)
  • verb to hit the ball high in the air
    Citation ‘Botham was retained as opener in the belief that, like Border, he might be able to lob the ball into the outfield, which … can be patrolled by only two fielders in the first 15 overs’ (Matthew Engel, Guardian 27 January 1983)
    Citation ‘Soon after, Botham got Kambli to lob a catch to mid-on, and the rest of the batting crumbled’ (Purandare 2005)
  • verb (of the ball) to fly high in the air off the bat as a result of a badly-played shot
    Citation ‘A length ball straightens, pops and lobs into the slips off the shoulder of Constantine’s bat, a catch that eight-year-old Bobby would scorn and ask please to be thrown a real one’ (James 1963)


  • verb to throw away, dispose of. A fashionable narrowing of the standard English meaning of the word, heard, particularly in the London area, since the beginning of the 1980s. A near-synonym to bin.
  • verb (to give) a bribe. A more recent synonym for bung.


  • noun a ball that travels over the head of a tennis player