General English

General Science

  • noun a group of people trying to influence the opinions of politicians, local officials and businessmen on a particular issue


  • noun a group that tries to persuade a government or law-makers to support a particular cause or interest
  • verb to try to influence government, law-makers, etc


  • To attempt to influence government policy by talking to lawmakers and bureaucrats, and perhaps by using other means such as monetary contributions or assistance. Lobbyists often play a role in influencing trade policies, including tariffs and administered protection.


  • noun a group of people or pressure group which tries to influence MPs or the passage of legislation

Media Studies

  • noun the small group of journalists that report from the house of Commons
  • noun a group of supporters and representatives of particular interests who try to influence political policy on a particular issue
  • verb to campaign for or against a particular piece of legislation by attempting to influence politicians


  • noun the group of journalists attached to the House of Commons, who are given information in regular official meetings by senior ministers or their assistants
  • verb to ask someone such as an MP or local official to do something on your behalf

Real Estate

  • noun a large entrance hall or foyer immediately inside the door of a hotel, theatre or other public building


  • noun the main entrance hall of a hotel, large restaurant or theatre