lobster thermidor



  • The famous dish created in January 1894 to celebrate the opening ofVictorien Sardou's historical drama Thermidor at theComédie-Française in Paris. The lobster is grilled, cut intothick slices, and served in the original half shell in a sauce of cream,eggs, brandy, and mustard. Sardou's play, which was not a great success andis now remembered mainly for inspiring the dish, concerned the politicalevents of one hundred years earlier, when Robespierre and the Jacobins weredeposed during the revolutionary month of Thermidor. Food historians disagreeas to whether the dish was created at Marie's, a famous restaurant near theComédie-Française, or by Leopold Mourier and Tony Girod at theCafé de Paris.

    Sardou inspired a second famous dish in 1908, when he was the guest ofhonour at Antoine's restaurant in New Orleans. Eggs Sardou consistsof poached eggs in a creamy sauce with chopped ham and artichoke hearts.