• noun an industrial dispute where the management will not let the workers into the factory until they have agreed to the management’s conditions



  • The prevention of access, or the use of a given function or resource, to one or more circuits, devices, or processes. Used especially in the context of one circuit, device, or process excluding all others to prevent conflicts or other unwanted conditions.
  • In a telephone system, the prevention of one or more senders or receivers from communicating. This may occur, for instance, as a result of excessive line noise, or to prevent interference.
  • In a telephone system, the disconnection of a line which is not functioning properly.
  • In computers, the allowing of only one device or process to have access to a given resource. For example, the prohibiting of reading data which is being updated at that moment.
  • The preventing of a user or entity to gain access to a computer system or network. A lockout may occur, for instance, when an incorrect password is entered more than the allowable number of times.