General English

General Science

  • noun a full record of a set of actions or events
  • noun a large piece of wood cut from the trunk or from a main branch of a tree
  • verb to cut down trees for their wood as a commercial activity


  • noun a written record of a flight, flying hours, maintenance checks, etc., for an aircraft, engine or propeller
  • verb to write an entry in a log book or on a log sheet


  • verb to write down all that happens


  • noun a record of computer processing operations
  • verb to record a series of actions
  • verb to make a connection and start using a remote device such as a network server


  • A record kept of the activity or performance of a device, piece of equipment, or system. Also, to record such activity or performance.
  • A record of computer and/or network activity. Used, for example, to find the origin of problems, monitor usage, recover data, or to identify unauthorized access. Also called electronic log, electronic journal, or journal.

Media Studies

  • noun a recording of all a radio station’s output, in case of legal disputes.
  • noun a note of all pieces of music broadcast so that royalties can be paid


  • noun the official diary of a ship
  • noun a record of journeys, maintenance, repairs, etc., for an aircraft, piece of equipment or vehicle
  • verb to make a chronological record of something
  • abbreviation forlogistics


  • noun a lazy, inert person
  • noun a surfboard. The term was defined in Just Seventeen magazine in January 1994.

Origin & History of “log”

Log is a mystery word. It first turns up (in the sense ‘felled timber’) towards the end of the 14th century, but it has no ascertainable relatives in any other language. Nor is it altogether clear how the sense ‘ship’s record’ came about. It was inspired by the use of log for a thin piece of wood floated in the water from a line to determine the speed of a ship, but some etymologists have speculated that this is not the same word as log ‘piece of timber’, but was adapted from Arabic lauh ‘tablet’.