longest plays



  • Edward Falconer's Oonagh, or, The Lovers of Lismonaopened one evening in 1866 at half-past seven. By midnight most ofthe audience had left; by two o'clock in the morning only a few sleepingcritics were still there. At three o'clock the stage crew broughtthe curtain down with the action still in progress and the play wastaken off.

    More recently John Arden and his wife MargarettaD'Arcy attracted notoriety with The Non-Stop Connolly Show(1975), which lasted a record-breaking 26½ hours, includingintervals. The fruit of Arden's ambition to express "noise,disorder, drunkenness, lasciviousness, nudity, generosity, corruption,fertility, and ease" on the stage, the show opened in Irelandand inspired one critic to call it "the cheapest doss in Dublin."see also shortest plays.