General English

General Science

  • verb to make a piece of wire or tape into a circle


  • noun a flight manoeuvre in which the aircraft rotates, nose up, through 360° while holding its lateral position


  • noun a procedure or series of instructions in a computer program that are performed again and again until a test shows that a specific condition has been met or until the program is completed


  • Sometimes called a local line or subscriber loop, the local circuit between a subscriber station and the exchange.


  • noun the deceptive, curving trajectory of a slow ball delivered in a high arc
    Citation ‘Grieg, getting genuine loop with his off-breaks, reduced them to 89 for five at lunch’ (Christopher Martin-Jenkins, Daily Telegraph 14 February 1994)
  • verb (of the ball) to travel with a high curving trajectory, before or after pitching
    Citation ‘When Javed Miandad … groped at a perfectly pitched leg-break, the ball looped up to kiss the shoulder of the bat and Ian Botham brought off a spectacular slip catch’ (Rob Steen, Wisden 1993)


  • A closed signal path. For example, a continuous circuit, or a feedback control loop.
  • A group or combination of branches or components which form a closed current path in an electric network. Also called mesh (1).
  • In a standing wave system, a point of maximum amplitude or displacement. For example, a maximum of voltage or current. Also called antinode (1).
  • In a vibrating system, a point of maximum amplitude or displacement. Also called anti-node (2).
  • A small loop of wire inserted into a waveguide or cavity resonator, which allows energy to be transferred in or out. Also called coupling loop.
  • A pair of wires, or its equivalent, extending from a telephone central office to the premises of a customer. Also called local loop, local line, line loop, subscriber loop, or subscriber line.
  • A single turn within a coil.
  • In computers, a set of statements or instructions which are executed repeatedly while a given condition exists.
  • In computers, a set of statements or instructions which are executed a given number of times.
  • A tape or reel whose ends have been spliced together, so as to provide uninterrupted play. Also called tape loop.
  • A closed curve on a graph, such as a hysteresis loop.
  • synonymlocal line

Media Studies

  • noun a piece of film, video or music that repeats itself over and over, starting again as soon as it has finished


  • noun a curve or bend in a line, especially one of the particular curves in a fingerprint
  • noun a curved piece of wire placed in the uterus to prevent contraception