General English

General Science

  • noun the state of not having something any more, or of having less of something


  • noun the state or process of not having something any more
  • noun the state of having less money than before or of not making a profit


  • noun damage to property or destruction of property, which is then subject to an insurance claim


  • noun the state of being worth less or having a lower value


  • noun the situation of having less money than before or of not making a profit
  • noun an amount of money lost


  • energy or power which is dissipated without performing useful work. For example, heat losses. Usually expressed in watts.
  • The reduction of the strength of a signal which has traveled from one point to another within a communications network. Usually expressed in decibels.
  • A measure of the extent of the harm to a computer system after an event such as a crash.


  • The deficit of an amount received from a transaction versus the original amount of the investment. For example, when a forex trader establishes a trading account with $10,000 and has a number of transactions that reduce the net worth of the account to $8,000, the trader has suffered a loss of $2,000.


  • noun harm suffered by someone, which may be recoverable as damages


  • noun an act of losing something