• The stage name adapted by John Rich (see the Riches)to play the part of Harlequin. His performances helped toestablish and popularize the English pantomime. Rich becameespecially acclaimed for his routine 'Harlequin Hatched from an Eggby the Sun' in Harlequin Sorcerer, first performed in 1741at the Tottenham Court Fair.

    Lun Junior was the name sometimes given to the actor HarryWoodward (1717 - 77), also known as 'the last of the great Harlequins'.In 1729 he joined John Rich's company at Lincoln's Inn Fields, wherehe performed in The Beggar's Opera. In 1738 he moved to DruryLane and remained for 20 years, playing Harlequin and writing pantomimesfor David Garrick. He joined the Covent Garden company in 1763 andcreated the part of Captain Absolute in Sheridan's The Rivalsin 1775.