General English

  • verb to be hidden


  • verb to join an online conference, discussion group, or chat room and listen to the messages without contributing anything yourself. Most discussion forums do not mind people lurking, since it helps to build confidence in new users and lets them check the content before joining in, however some chat rooms do not approve of lurking and immediately identify anyone joining to discourage people who do not contribute to the forum.


  • To view messages and postings other users enter or place in settings such as chat rooms, without posting, replying, or the like.


  • noun a patrol which waits in a likely area of enemy activity, in order to react to any incident which might occur there
  • verb to wait in a concealed position in the hope that a target might present itself


  • noun a dodge, shady scheme, clever and/or disreputable trick. The word is now used in these senses mainly by middle-aged and elderly speakers.