Málaga DO



  • a small DO region in southern Spain, centred on the city port of Málaga, that, historically, was the dominant area for sweet, fortified wine production in Spain until it was devastated by phylloxera in the late 1870s. The wine was much drunk in the UK and US under the name ‘Mountain’. Now sherry from the neighbouring Jerez area is the best-known sweet, fortified wine of Spain. The Málaga region still produces sweet, fortified wines from Moscatel or Pedro Ximénez grapes in a range of styles, some using the solera system. To qualify for DO status, wines must be aged within the city of Málaga. The sweetness can result from stopping fermentation by adding grape spirit, by adding concentrated unfermented grape must before or after fermentation, or, less commonly now, by the traditional method of drying the grapes in the sun.