General English


  • prefix
    (written as macro-)
    very large, covering a wide area


  • noun a program routine or block of instructions identified by a single word or label
  • prefix
    (written as macro-)
    very large or applying to the whole system


  • A series of computer keystrokes, functions, and/or commands that are recorded for later use. A macro may be saved as a keyboard shortcut such as CTRL-M, and can serve, for instance, to simplify what would otherwise be a tedious process, or to save time by carrying out a lengthy sequence of operations without concurrent user intervention. Also, the name, symbol, or shortcut utilized to access this sequence. Also called macroinstruction (2).
  • A name or subroutine which defines a series of instructions to be carried out when a programming language is assembled or compiled.


  • prefix
    (written as macro-)
    large, inclusive or long


  • noun a block of instructions which is activated by a single keystroke on a computer