Madame Céleste



  • The French dancer, pantomimist, and actress Céline Céleste(1814 - 82), who began as a successful child star in Paris. Atthe age of 13 she made her stage debut in New York with a troupe ofdancers and, although plain in looks, won excellent reviews for hergraceful dancing. Three years later she opened in London in dancingand pantomime; she subsequently made the city her home. Her firstspeaking part on the British stage came in 1838. She often playedFrench characters, such as Madame Defarge in an adaptation of Dickens'sA Tale of Two Cities (1860).

    She was briefly a manager of London's Adelphi Theatre withthe elder Ben Webster (see Webster family). She gaveher farewell performance in 1874, returning four years later for oneperformance at Drury Lane, in which she revived her acclaimed roleof Miami in John Buckstone's The Green Bushes; or a Hundred YearsAgo.