General English


  • A lightweight silver-colored metal that is highly flammable and immune to alkalies and is usually used in an alloy. A scale-forming element found in some boiler feed water.


  • A silvery-white metallic chemical element with atomic number 12. It has about 15 known isotopes, of which 3 are stable. Magnesium is chemically active, hard, and when finely divided easily ignitable upon heating in air, producing a striking white flash which can be used in flash bulbs or pyrotechnics. Other applications include its use in light alloys, batteries, optical mirrors, and precision instruments. Its chemical symbol is Mg.
  • chemical symbolMg


  • An essential element required for health and a constituent of many enzymes, necessary for bone and teeth growth and repair. Available from all seeds but often taken as a supplement in the form of Epsom salts.


  • noun a chemical element found in green vegetables, which is essential especially for the correct functioning of muscles