magnetomotive force


General Science

  • noun a force that produces magnetic flux
  • prefix one thousandth of a million millionth (10-15).


  • The magnetic pressure that a source of magnetism provides. It is analogous to the electromotive force. It is commonly produced by a current flowing through a coil of wire, said force being proportional to the ampereturns. Another source of magnetomotive force is a magnetic body. Its abbreviation is mmf, its symbol is F, and it is usually expressed in ampere-turns, though gilberts are sometimes used. Also called magnetic potential difference, or magnetic pressure.
  • symbolF
  • abbreviationm.m.f.
  • abbreviationmmf
  • synonymmagnetic potential difference
  • synonymmagnetic pressure


  • symbol the hexadecimal number equivalent to decimal number 15

General English

  • noun the sixth letter of the alphabet, between E and G