• verb to direct or to be in charge of something


  • verb to organise something or control the way in which something happens

Information & Library Science

  • verb to direct or take responsibility for controlling somebody or something


  • verb to be able to do something, or to succeed in doing something


  • verb to direct or to be in charge of a business or organisation
  • verb to use money or time successfully


  • verb to guide the career and control the business affairs of somebody such as a professional entertainer or athlete

Origin & History of “manage”

Etymologically, manage means ‘handle’. It comes via Italian maneggiare ‘control a horse’ from vulgar Latin *manidiare, a derivative of Latin manus ‘hand’. To begin with it was used in the context of ‘horse-training’ in English, but eventually the French form manège took over in this sense. The more general sense ‘handle, control’ is of virtually equal antiquity in English, though.