General English

General Science

  • noun a drawing that shows the location of geographical and urban features
  • noun a diagram showing the position of stars
  • verb to make a map of a place or area
  • acronym forMediterranean Action Plan
    (written as MAP)
  • noun an agreement to protect the environment and encourage sustainable development in the Mediterranean area established by the European Union and the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.


  • verb to make measurements and calculations of part of the Earth’s surface in order to produce a map
  • acronym formissed approach point
    (written as MAP)
  • noun the point at which a pilot must carry out a missed approach procedure if a particular visual reference has not been made


  • noun a diagram representing the internal layout of a computer’s memory or communications regions
  • verb to display how things are connected or related or derived from one another
  • verb to retrieve data and display it as a map
  • verb to represent a network directory path on a remote computer with a local drive letter, enabling a user to view the contents of the remote directory by simply typing in the drive letter rather than the often long and complex directory path
  • verb to represent a network printer connected to another computer on a network with a local printer identifier, so a user can treat the remote network printer as if it is directly connected to their computer
  • verb to connect to a disk drive or a printer that is connected to another computer on a network.
  • verb to transform a two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional form that can then be rotated or manipulated
  • verb to transform a graphical object from one coordinate system to another so that it can be displayed; e.g. to transform a three-dimensional wire frame model to a solid shaded object.


  • A representation of an area, region, structure, or the like. For instance, a weather, navigational, or memory map.
  • To represent, associate, or transfer objects. For example, to map a program on a disk into memory, or to map an image in memory onto a display screen.
  • acronym formanufacturing automation protocol
    (written as MAP)
  • A set of communications standards used in manufacturing networking and automation processes. Its acronym is MAP.


  • noun a chart which shows a geographical area


  • noun a scale drawing of an area of ground, with symbols representing natural and man-made features

Cars & Driving

  • acronym formanifold absolute pressure
    (written as MAP)


  • acronym formoving average price
    (written as MAP)


  • acronym formodified American Plan
    (written as MAP)
  • noun a room rate which includes breakfast and one other meal, either lunch or dinner.

Origin & History of “map”

Map is closely related to apron and napkin. It comes from Latin mappa, which denoted a ‘cloth’, ‘towel’, ‘sheet’, ‘table-cloth’, etc. this was used in the expression mappa mundī, literally ‘sheet of the world’, which referred to a graphical representation of the earth’s surface – a ‘map’, in other words.