General English


  • noun something which acts as an indicator of something such as distance or position
  • noun a radio beacon that is part of the ILS


  • noun a code inserted in a file or text to indicate a special section


  • That which serves to make a mark (1) or mark (2).
  • On the screen of an oscilloscope, a pip which serves to identify a reference frequency.

Health Economics

  • (written as Marker)
    An indicator, like a diagnostic measure or an observable personal characteristic such as poverty, that is a predictor of ill-health. Income is often used as a marker for socioeconomic status.

Information & Library Science

  • noun an object that is used to show the position of something


  • noun something which acts an indicator of something else
  • noun a substance introduced into the body to make internal structures clearer to X-rays


  • noun anything which is used as a sign, in order to convey meaning, or to draw other people’s attention to a location or object


  • noun in games such as football and hockey, a player who stays close to an attacking player in the opposing team to prevent him or her from receiving the ball or scoring
  • noun a substance which reveals the use of a banned substance, found in drugs testing